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Full Speed Towing Flat Bed Towing Truck
Full Speed Towing Flat Bed Towing Truck

With a vast service area and diverse towing needs, Full Speed Towing relies on a varied fleet of specialty trucks and equipment. Whether responding to a small car breakdown or a jackknifed semi-truck, we have the right tools for the task.

Our assortment of light, medium and heavy duty tow trucks allows us to efficiently handle any service call. When disabled vehicles require a tow, we dispatch the appropriate truck with the right capabilities.

Choosing the Right Truck for Each Unique Situation

Selecting the appropriate tow truck and equipment for a job requires experience and careful consideration. At Full Speed Towing, our team takes into account several factors to match each unique towing situation with the ideal truck.

Some of the things we consider when choosing a truck include:

  • Weight and Size – The gross vehicle weight rating and dimensions of the disabled vehicle determine how much towing capacity and truck size is required.
  • Location Accessibility – Tight spots or limited access dictate whether a short wheelbase light duty truck or versatile medium duty truck is needed.
  • Type of Transport – The proper equipment like a wheel lift, flatbed or specialty trailer must be matched to the vehicle.
  • Distance – Short local tows have different needs than long hauls at highway speeds.
  • Urgency – Quick arrival and maneuverability is key for time sensitive emergency tows.

By thoroughly evaluating the vehicle, location, and transport needs for each unique job, we strategically select tow trucks with the ideal specs and capabilities. Our diverse fleet allows us to handle any towing situation quickly, safely and efficiently.

A vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating specifies the maximum loaded weight that vehicle can safely handle. Towing companies reference GVWRs to dispatch the right truck and stay within legal limits.

The Tow Trucks and Equipment We Use

At Full Speed Towing, we are equipped to handle light, medium and heavy duty towing jobs thanks to our diverse fleet. The type of truck and equipment required depends on the size and weight of the vehicle needing service. Here is an overview of what constitutes a light, medium or heavy duty call and how we prepare for each:

  • Light Duty – Light duty tows involve smaller passenger vehicles like cars, minivans, SUVs, and pickup trucks under 10,000 lbs Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). For these, we typically utilize our light duty trucks equipped with wheel lift beds, tow bars, and sling systems. Light duty trucks like the Chevy Silverado provide the maneuverability to tow vehicles out of parking spots, up driveways, or through neighborhoods.
  • Medium Duty – Medium duty calls involve larger trucks, vans, and commercial vehicles between 10,000-26,000 lbs GVWR. Flatbed trucks like the International 4300 with underlift attachments allow safe transport of box trucks, RVs, construction equipment, and other mid-size vehicles. Auxiliary braking systems are used to control heavier loads.
  • Heavy Duty – Heavy duty tows encompass tractor trailers, buses, and other large vehicles exceeding 26,000 lbs GVWR. These require rotator trucks like the Kenworth T800 which provides the power to lift vehicles and allow them to be rotated. Landoll detachable goosenecks transport heavy loads like bulldozers. Specialized permits and escorts may be required.
  • Specialty Applications – Not every job fits into a nice small / medium / large category.  For custom service calls like large off-road trailer extractions, we pull out the big guns, like our Miller Big Tow heavy extrication trucks equipped with 35-ton Jerr-Dan integrated wreckers and 50,000 lb titanium wrecker winches. These allow our team to upright or recover overturned tractor trailers and buses. For shipping high-end exotics, we use custom Landoll extendable trailers that can accommodate low ground clearance vehicles.

Whatever the job, we have the right truck. Our diverse fleet and skilled technicians allow Full Speed Towing to help customers with any towing need, large or small. We invest in quality equipment so we can efficiently serve our community 24/7.

Keeping Our Fleet in Peak Condition

Our diverse fleet of light, medium and heavy duty trucks allows us to take on any towing job. To keep them in top operating condition, Full Speed Towing utilizes thorough maintenance and service procedures.

All trucks undergo oil changes and tune-ups every 3,000 miles to replace fluids, inspect brakes, check tire tread, and more. For major components like engines and transmissions, we follow manufacturer service intervals to replace filters, belts, hoses and other wear parts.  Additionally, our technicians also inspect electrical systems, safety lights, winches, wheel lifts and other equipment regularly while regularly scheduled calibrations ensure lifting mechanisms operate at full capacity. Any worn parts get proactively replaced.

For specialty vehicles like rotator trucks, annual inspections by certified mechanics check every function and feature. Our team addresses any issues immediately to have trucks back on the road promptly.

With diligent and frequent servicing, we ensure every truck in our fleet is ready for another day on the job. Proper maintenance keeps our vehicles in peak condition and gives us the reliability customers count on.

Why Choose Full Speed for Your Broward County Towing Needs

When you find yourself stranded with a disabled vehicle in Broward County, you need fast, reliable assistance. Full Speed Towing Service is the smart choice for all your towing and roadside assistance needs for several key reasons:

  • Local Experience – With deep roots in the community, we have unparalleled familiarity with Broward’s roads and infrastructure. This allows us to reach you quickly and transport vehicles efficiently.
  • Broad Service Area – We serve all of Broward County, so help is never far away. From Deerfield Beach to Hollywood and everywhere between, we’ve got you covered.
  • Diverse Fleet – Our assortment of light, medium and heavy duty trucks are specially equipped to handle any towing job. We have the right truck for every situation.
  • 24/7 Availability – Experienced technicians are ready to assist you day or night. We never take a day off when customers count on us.
  • Full Suite of Services – In addition to towing, we offer battery jumps, lockout service, tire changes, fuel delivery and more at competitive rates.
  • Trusted Reputation – With a commitment to excellence over many years, we’ve earned a reputation as Broward’s premier towing provider.

When you’re stranded, time is of the essence. Get back on the road fast by calling the towing experts who know Broward County – Full Speed Towing Service!

Local Experience Matters – Choose Full Speed in Fort Lauderdale

When you’re stranded with a disabled car or truck in Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Hollywood or Pompano Beach, get back on the road fast by calling the pros at Full Speed Towing Service. Our fleet of specialty trucks and experienced technicians are equipped to handle any towing job, large or small. No situation is too tough for our light, medium and heavy duty trucks, which allow us to efficiently transport vehicles of all types.

With deep roots in the community and a commitment to 24/7 service, Full Speed has earned a reputation as the premier towing provider in the region. Our diverse capabilities and broad service area mean help is always nearby when you need it. Whether it’s 2pm or 2am, our experts have the experience to respond rapidly, diagnose issues, and tow your vehicle anywhere in Broward.

Don’t waste time worrying – let the pros at Full Speed Towing get your car, truck or equipment moved safely so you can get back on the road. With competitive rates and a full suite of services, we aim to deliver peace of mind as well as timely assistance. Call or schedule service online today and find out why customers trust Full Speed Towing as Broward County’s top choice for towing.